Are you interested in being part of Chinese life for six months or more?

          There are many openings in Chinese universities and colleges for teachers of English, other foreign languages and WTO-related skills (law, finance, marketing, accountancy).

          The Chinese institute (under the  Education Commission) will pay you a monthly salary and provide you with free accommodation. If a teacher stays for a year the university will reimburse the price of a return ticket from your home country to your city in China. If the teacher stays only six months the university will reimburse the cost of a one-way ticket. Most AITECE placements are in cities in the poorer areas of north and west China.

          A I T E C E* is a facilitating organisation based in Hong Kong which recruits and places teachers and other experts in China. It charges no fees to the foreign expert nor the institute. It provides its services free as a non-profit company registered in Hong Kong and Beijing. It does so in the belief that it is building better relations among peoples through mutual sharing of understanding and values.

          Applicants should:
          1. Have a university degree or a teacher’s diploma.
          2. Have a few years’ work or teaching experience.
          3. Failing teaching experience, have done a TEFL course of at least a month’s duration.
          4. Should be inspired by Christian values.
          5. Enjoy good health.
          6. Be below 60 years of age.
          7. Have an attitude of service to Chinese youth.

          *AITECE is the Association for International Teaching, Educational and Curriculum Exchange

         AITECE has national offices or partner organisations in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kindom, United States and the Philippines. Their addresses and contact numbers can be found on the page, "More on AITECE", below.

                                                                     HONG KONG Office:

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