Orientation course in Hong Kong. 2013
   Left to right: John Galvin, Kevin O'Neill, Ann Milner, Teddy Collins, John Hayes

Dear AITECE Teacher, 

      We would like this section of our website to be a forum for exchange between our Hong Kong Office and the teachers, and also between the teachers themselves. 

      It covers a number of areas: 

News from AITECE Centre Hong Kong.
Here you will find the latest communications from the Hong Kong office, news updates and proposed schedules.

Information Exchange.
This is the place for you to contribute news, ideas and knowledge gained from your own experience.
For example: teaching ideas, aids, methods and materials; updates on travel - places worth visiting, places to stay, ways to travel; suggestions and plans. 

      We hope that this website will improve communications, generate ideas and create a greater sense of belonging and participation.
      Thank you.