Information Exchange

 This is where we will put the information you supply:

  Teaching ideas, aids, methods and materials;
  Travel tips places worth visiting,  how to get there, where to stay;
  Yours suggestions;
  Your plans;

Some Useful Websites: (English version)  China Education and Research Network  China Education News from Hong Kong University.  A private collection of English Teaching Aids.  News and Views of Foreign Teachers in China.   Health news from Dr David Owens (Hong Kong).   The teacher who intoduced this site to us says it offers a great free English lesson every week. Also, up to the end of April at least, a chance to win a year's supply of chocolate (see  The site with all you need to know about teaching English and life in China.   Recently recommended.   (BBC site, British Council)   Powerpoint resources.  Recently recommended.
If you know any other useful sites, or have materials and ideas to share, just e-mail us at:

We would like to suggest places where you can stay at a reasonable cost while on your travels:

     The Beijing Dabei Hotel is centrally situated and costs around RMB200 a night for a double room (with seasonal differences). The phone number is 65685511, Ext 2103 or 2220 or 2221. The fax is 65687258.    The Front Manager is Mr Alan Li and he will sent a car to the airport  to meet you at a cost of RMB100. English is spoken.

       If you know of any other reasonably priced  hotels elsewhere in China, please let us know.

List of Recommended Reading for Those Thinking of Working/Teaching in China

1. General Introduction

China. The Lonely Planet
China: A Handbook in Intercultural Communication Brick Jean, National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW 2109
River Town  Peter Hessler
Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans.  3rd Ed.  Hu Wenzhong and Cornelius Grove,  Intercultural Press.
The Walled Kingdom: A History of China from 2000 BC to the Present, Witold Rodzinsky
The Search for Modern China, Jonathan Spence.
Burying Mao  Richard Baum
The Soong Dynasty  Sterling Seagrave
Wild Swans Jung Chang
The Chinese  Jasper Becker
The Private Life of Chairman Mao  Li Zhisui
The New Emperors  Harrison E. Salisbury
The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci  Jonathan Spence
Records of the Historian  Szuma Chien

2. English Language Teaching
Essential Grammar in Use (Elementary Students) Second Edition , Murphy Raymond (1998). CUP
Essential Grammar in Use (Intermediate Students) Second Edition, same author (2002) CUP
Advanced Grammar in Use (Advanced Students) Hewings Martin (2002)  CUP
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary, Parnwell E.C. (1989) CUP
Grammar Practice Activities: A Practical Guide for Teachers. Penny Ur (1990).
Games for Language Learning  New Edition,  Andrew Wright, David Betteridge
and Michael Buckby (1992) CUP
Teaching by Principles  Douglas Brown Prentice  Hall Regents

A more detailed list can be got from: